Marbella Club

What the client said

"Paula Perkins Spa Consultancy has the capability of seeing the potential of a project, to uncover all that needs to be improved and then implement those changes, smoothly and effectively. Paula Perkins is an ultimate professional, with tenacity, passion and patience. She relates not only to the management and ownership, but right across the board by easily becoming part of the team through building trust, confidence and motivation. I would highly recommend her services to any luxury resort or hotel wishing to maximise their potential."

Julian Cabanillas, Director, Marbella Club

The Brief

In December 2016, the Marbella Club engaged our services to assist them on the further evolution of their Wellness experience. They were offering a more medically focussed Wellness concept that didn't match the resort's philosophy or style and revenue was not meeting their expectation. 

The Marbella Club Wellness New Philosophy

Put plainly, the Mediterranean is our compass. From the warmth of the sun that gives our skin a distinct type of glow to the types of fruits and vegetables grown on our soil that shape our diet, our surroundings naturally mould our outlook and character: spontaneous, simple and relaxed. We breathe and truly live - effortlessly coexist - with the blend of ancient cultures that surround us.

Our mission is for you to be a part of a unique Wellness experience shaped by the Mediterranean, where Nature, Wellbeing, Self-Discovery and Inspiration are all part of the journey.

Give in to your surroundings and get back to basics, simple elements given to us that, without notice, will get you on track to a more authentic version of you.

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"The most successful Spas are not just about how they look and operate, but  how they make you feel."